Mobile Apps to keep you in Control

Qolsys IQ all in touch  screen Control Panel 

Smart Home Technology

Small Business Security Solutions where your Mobile Device becomes a Window into your business whether your there or not.

Affordable Digital Watchdog Camera Systems

    Virtual Security LLC offers Sales & Installation of
Wireless Alarms & Digital Camera Systems​ is the Leader in interactive Security & System Solutions to Monitor, Protect & Automate Your Business or home.

Video Stored in the Cloud and interfaces with the Alarm System providing real time information

Check out all the great Benefits provides to its customers; 

             Fast and reliable Digital Signaling over a Secured Network.

                      Your System is always "On" and reporting real time events.        

                  Real Time Alarm & Video Monitoring. 

                     Remote Viewing & Control with your mobile phone or tablet.

                  Secured Wireless technology protects against "cut lines".

                   Works with all smart technology mobile devices.              
Real Time Customized Security Notifications. 
                   Remote Thermostat & Light Control.